Mixing 2-Track Beats by Dee Kei Waddell

Mixing 2-Track Beats

Join Dee Kei as he walks you through his process of mixing 2-Track instrumentals. Each lecture includes the track stems so that you can implement the techniques you learn right away.

What's included?

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Making a Narrow Beat WIDER
#1 Making A Narrow Beat WIDER.mp4
26 mins
#1 Toe Tag STEMS (2 track mixing).zip
62.3 MB
Too Much BASS
#2 Too Much BASS.mp4
14 mins
#2 Floppy Disk STEMS (2 track mixing).zip
53.8 MB
Cutting Out The Kick
#3 - Cutting Out The Kick.mp4
10 mins
#3 Story STEMS (2 track mixing).zip
83.7 MB