#3 Crystal Clear Female Pop R&B Vocals + Using 'Dry' as an Effect [Pop/R&B]

In this lecture, I break down the vocal chain I used on Evelyn Detzany's song "Wrong Girl". I also briefly discuss using 'dry' as an effect to make a vocal stand out and feel more intimate. Not every vocal chain is created equal, as I have said before, so I try to treat each song differently and don't do the same thing every time. I listen to the music, and do what I think it is telling me to do.

There are 18 stems included in the zip file, with one being the final mix. As always, reference my mix against yours, and try to determine what the differences are. Do your vocals have more low end than mine? Are your vocals brighter than mine?

If you would like me to critique your mix, I would be more than happy to do that for you! Send your bounced wav file to inquiries@deekeimixes.com and I will get back to you will some feedback.

Mixing Pop Vocals

Join Dee Kei as he walks you through his process of mixing Pop vocals in three different styles of popular music (Hip-Hop, Band, R&B). Each lecture includes the track stems so that you can implement the techniques you learn right away.

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