#1 Making Subtle Changes To Enhance Vocals (De-Esser + Dynamic EQ) [Hip-Hop/R&B]

This first lecture explains the art of making subtle moves and not drawing attention to yourself. Mixing is all about enhancing the product you are given, not necessarily drastically changing the vibe of the track. Sometimes, a gentle touch is what works best; it all depends on what the song calls for. Mix with your ears, not your eyes.

The song used in this lecture is called "Pull Up" by Meikan. Included is a zip file that contains the full mix, the mixed beat, mixed vocals, and raw vocals.

Mix the vocals with two different approaches:

1. Drastically change the vocal however you like with a bunch of plugins

2. Subtly enhance the vocal, and try to make as few moves as possible.

Compare your mixes to each other, and then compare them to my mix. Do they sound similar? Super different?

If you would like me to critique your mix, I would be more than happy to do that for you! Send your bounced wav file to inquiries@deekeimixes.com and I will get back to you will some feedback.

Mixing Pop Vocals

Join Dee Kei as he walks you through his process of mixing Pop vocals in three different styles of popular music (Hip-Hop, Band, R&B). Each lecture includes the track stems so that you can implement the techniques you learn right away.

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