#3 - Cutting Out The Kick.mp4

Nothing too crazy here, nothing too drastic. Donʼt make it more complicated than it has to be. Balance each element of the beat, and reference it to a similar song in the same genre. In this particular song, the kick drum was poking out quite a bit. Thanks for watching! Remember: donʼt copy me exactly, instead be inspired by what I do and try to apply it to your own mixing style. 

Song: “Story” - Gavanni 

Plug Ins Used: Pro-Q3 (Dynamic EQ), Vertigo VSM-3 (Multi-Band Saturation), Vertigo VSC-2 (VCA Compressor), Oxford Inflator (Tube-Emulated Dynamic Processor), Ozone Limiter (Limiter duh) 

Mixing 2-Track Beats

Join Dee Kei as he walks you through his process of mixing 2-Track instrumentals. Each lecture includes the track stems so that you can implement the techniques you learn right away.

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