#1 Making A Narrow Beat WIDER.mp4

In the song I used for this first video, the beat wasnʼt mixed too terribly balance- wise. However, it sounded way too narrow (mono), and I felt like the drums were too quiet. The changes I made to this track were more drastic than what I normally have to do. 

Still, the key is to be subtle! Donʼt overdo it! Watch and listen to what I do—try to understand why I do what I do. Donʼt copy me exactly, instead let my mixing techniques influence your ear. 

Song: “Toe-Tag” by CocoXL 

Plug-Ins Used: Ozone 9 Advanced (Music Re-Balance), Fab Filter Pro-Q3 (Dynamic EQ), R-Bass (Added Bass Harmonics), Maag Magnum-k (Compressor/ EQ), Pro-Q3 (Low Shelf EQ), Ozone Imager, NLS Buss (Analog Summer) 

Mixing 2-Track Beats

Join Dee Kei as he walks you through his process of mixing 2-Track instrumentals. Each lecture includes the track stems so that you can implement the techniques you learn right away.

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