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Mixing Pop Vocals

Learn how to mix vocals from 3 different artists (Rap, RnB, Full Band)
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Mixing 2-Track Beats

Learn how to enhance stereo instrumentals and make your mixes sound more professional.
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5 Types of Compressors and When to Use Them

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What People Say...

Dee gives a no nonsense enthusiastic analysis of the mixing process with industry heads up. His willingness to "pay it back" is refreshing. He is truly passionate about this work and a good help to those novices like myself.
Duke Jam
Amazing job and phenomenal mixing! Super fast turn around and he really took this song to the next level! Really exceeded my expectations! I don't know what he did but it sounds like magic. Before, I was scared to put my songs out but now I'm confident enough to show the world my art! Recommend 10/10 we'll be working again!
I had a good experience with Dee Kei and he is so confident that is gonna make you sound professional doesn’t matter on what kind of singer RnB (talent) or rapper are you he is just gonna make you sound different that you thought you could.
Francisco De la Rosa
Why settle when you can get professional, industry sounding music. Dee Kei ( Owner & mix engineer) has been making music for over a decade.  He has been recognized and awarded by top international producers. I wouldn’t trust my music with anyone else.
Coco XL
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Hi, I’m Dee Kei

My life story is long, but that doesn't really matter to you. All you need to know is that I have learned from the best (Leslie Brathwaite through Mix with the Masters), I work tirelessly for my clients (locally and internationally), and my sole purpose is to help you push your music to the highest level it can possibly be. Enroll in one of my courses, and I will help your mixes stand out from the rest.